About Monique

Monique Wiegand is an experienced registered Optometrist based in Orewa & Silverdale for most of the last 20 years. In 2010 she founded The Monique Clinique, providing a mobile service to Auckland; the North Shore; and North to Wellsford & Warkworth. Her practice combines comprehensive eye care with complementary services – caring for the health of her patients “eyes & more”. Monique specialises in Holistic or Integrative Optometry – providing health solutions as well as eyewear, and working closely with other healthcare providers.

Monique provides a full range of eyewear, and offers a comprehensive service at a time and place of your convenience without the need to visit a shop – helpful for the mobility-restricted or just busy. Patients can choose from a range of new quality frames or update their old specs (if suitable) with new lenses. Contact lenses and supplies are also available.

A friendly clinic environment ensures a low stress consultation. Monique’s expert service is far advanced from a chart stuck on the wall and a quick look in the eyes. The portable slit lamp bio-microscope and computerised display screen enable the highest standard of fully comprehensive examination, along with instruments to measure pressure in the eyes and the performance of prescription lenses.

“The eye is a window into the body. During a consultation I examine the patients’ blood vessels and nerves in the back of the eyes. I can detect general health issues such as blood pressure problems or diabetes for example.”

The longer appointments – a full 60 minute standard consultation – provide optimal time for patients to get the best solutions for their visual and well-being needs. Monique is keen on finding solutions – not only eyewear – particularly what patients can do to help themselves with eye exercises, eye hygiene and nutrition.

“There is a synergy at work, for instance someone with an eye condition may benefit from nutritional supplements or dietary changes – that will help their whole wellbeing. We can cover it all in one convenient consultation.”

Monique graduated from Auckland University with an Optometry degree and a degree in Science with majors in Physiology and Pharmacology. Following her studies at the Science Department and School of Medicine, she has had many years of clinical experience and professional development. Monique has completed the Primary Course of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), as well as a course in therapeutic massage, degrees in Reiki to the master level, and a Certificate in Nutritional Healthcare.

The integrative or holistic approach taken by Monique involves working together with other health care providers for the maximum benefit of the patient. Patients with acute health needs can be given a prescription for their particular eye health requirements – for example illuminated magnifiers rather than glasses – and/or referred to the appropriate specialist. Monique has the option of shared care with eye doctors / ophthalmologists, if referral is required, or will advise on the best health service providers for other conditions.